Monday, July 13, 2009

Trying to Catch-up on the Hay

Nice weather means we're pushing to get all the hay in.

Ed Jr. is still out cutting with the Farmall Super MTA and the International Harvester 990 Haybine.

The hay that was baled this last weekend will now be delivered by Gene and Ed Jr. to one of our customers. The process is long, dry and very hard work even with the equipment. The bales weigh a good amount and as you can see from the pictures Jean and Ed Sr. have to bend down to take them to load on the hay wagon. We will continue to cut and bale hay as long as the weather holds up.

Vacation time is here for some of you so please let us know if someone else will be picking up your veggies or should we just hold up your weekly veggies. You can email Chris at or call her at 985-2812. Chris sets up your bins the night before so that they are ready for Ed to fill in the morning.

How to calculate your dog’s age….
multiplying your dog’s age by seven is not accurate.

The new way to determine the age is that a 6-month-old dog is 10 human years old
A 1-year-old dog is 15 human years old
A 2-year-old dog is 24 human years old
A 3-year-old dog is 28 human years old

Who knew?


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