Thursday, June 9, 2011

Notice of First Pick-up for the Garden of Eat’n 2011

First Monday pickup will be June 20th

After those dates you will continue to pick up each week for as long as the veggies last.  If you are on vacation you will need to have someone pick up your share.  If you do not have someone to pick up your share while on vacation please notify us so that the vegetables do not sit in the Veggie Shack and spoil.
Eggs will be available @ $2.25 for a dozen and $2.75 for the 18 egg cartons (please bring back the cartons for reuse!)  They can be found in the small refrigerator and you can put the money in the can on top.
You can reach Chris by phone for any questions 860-985-2812
You can check our Blog to receive the latest information and see what else is going on at the farm.  You can send us recipes to share with the CSA members by sending them to  That is the email address for Chris Rothe.
We were not able to set up a “Visit the Farm Day” before the first pickup due to the rain and need to get the veggies in the ground and ready for you.  We will have a “Visit” day very soon.
                Ed Jr. is the farm manager
                Gene is the mechanic and owner of Diesel
                Jane is the “egg lady” and farm stand operator
                Ed Sr. and Jean are the farm hands
                Chris is the CSA coordinator
We all wish you Welcome for the 2011 Season at Garden of Eat’n