Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our CSA's fifth year

This is our fifth season as a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture on our farm (Rothe Homestead Farm and now Rothe Partnership) in Ellington, CT.  The season has brought forth the vegetables and new members too.   This season we have 54 members.   In the beginning we mostly had members from Emanuel Lutheran Church but now we have members from Ellington, South Windsor, West of the River and Emanuel.  To think this was all a result of the Immersion Trip to Mexico some years back still amazes me.  When we began we had much to learn about sharing with partners or shareholders that would come to the farm and take home varied vegetables, share recipes, stories and more.  All the visitors to the farm whether from CSA membership, church youth and just curious visitors has so lifted up the family and being able to share our dream of self-sustaining has been such a gift to the whole family.  We still have our pup Diesel who manages to amble out to meet anyone that visits the farm.  He is still a hefty 170 plus pounds and moves slower now that he has aged some but he still loves greeting  visitors.  Jean now spends his retirement years enjoying the work on the farm at his leisure and Ed Sr. will soon join his brother after retiring from Gerber Scientific after his 46 years.  This year the sons, Ed Jr. and Gene now are the owners of the farm.  It was time to turn the farm over to the next generation but that does not give Jean and I a break from being involved with the farm and farm work.  It just changes who makes the decisions on how we will keep our farm and animals thriving.  The farm began in 1902 and we are pleased to say we see it being in the family for many more years to come.  You are always welcome to visit us at the farm.