Thursday, July 30, 2009

Corn Tomato Onion Pepper Salad

The Farmer’s Almanac tells us to observe on which day in August the first heavy fog occurs and then to expect a hard frost on the same day in October.

Corn Tomato Onion Pepper Salad

8 ears of corn, cut off the cob after cooking
1 large red onion, sliced thin
1 cup green, red, yellow or a combination of all, chopped fine
3 medium tomatoes, cubed
Basil leaves, sliced thin

Slowly sauté the corn, onion, and pepper until just soft. Add the cubed tomatoes and basil leaves. Add 2 Tablespoon of balsamic vinegar; blend together. Salt & Pepper to taste. Will serve 12 -15


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet Corn

Seems the racoons have found the sweet corn. Just might have to put Diesel to work. Pics came out too dark....will try to get more pics this evening if it's not pourin out.


Saturday, July 25, 2009


This morning Ed Jr., John Howe and Chris checked on the hives. We have one that is struggling along and one that is already producing honey. We are nursing the weak one and will continue to feed them with sugar syrup. The other one (with honey) will get an added super and hope for more honey. The honey right now is just sugar syrup honey because the weather has been so wet and many flowers and weeds (goldenrod) have not had a chance to really bloom. The honey we have will be needed to keep the bees over winter. With a little luck the strong hive will bring our wildflower honey if the weather just cooperates. The other hive may go through summer and fall still being fed. As a last resort we may have to find a new queen. That will be tricky! The girls are out when possible and gathering pollen where they can find it!

By pulling out the frames we can check for eggs, pollen and honey. We also look for disease! So far everything looks good. We use the smoker filled with pine needles to calm the bees so that we can take out each of the frames to check them.

It is always amazing to see God’s creations and how beautiful they are with the sun shinning on them.


Friday, July 24, 2009

New Toy!!!

It's been raining so much that I've had time to play on the computer. Found myself spending way too much time on ebay. I've been buying different things here and there, but yesterday....just had ta have this!!!

1962 International Harvester Hi Lift Tractor Fork Lift


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22....Doesn't Seem Like It

Many tips that have been passed on to you for your home gardens have come from one of two sources. The Farmers Almanac, which is still a wonderful source of history, weather, folklore and gardening tips. ( The other comes from Jerry Baker, master gardener and his blog is full of excellent hints and tips for the backyard gardener as well as green lawn enthusiasts. ( You may remember watching him on PBS with garden, lawn and inside plants tips and pest removal information. I particularly liked his series on companion gardening and which vegetables do best next to each other.

The weather is still a challenge but we keep hoping that there will be at least one full week of sun just so we feel like we have a true summer. The cows, the dog “Diesel” and the rest of us are just pushing through what needs to be done. We need some SUN! We all seem like we need to hibernate! Sun before the first snowfall would really be appreciated and enjoyed!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Blog July 20, 2009

Well, as you are finding out, Rothe Homestead Farm has a myriad of activities going on at all times. One never knows what the next operation to take place is until that day. Making plans with friends is hard because of the farm needs (taking in hay, hoeing tobacco or topping, and picking of vegetables). None of these can wait until you are ready. The farm has its own timeframe. Each member knows what their basic job is but that can change; say when a wheel falls off the hay wagon, or two days in a row with constant rain, or someone is sick and others have to fill in. They are long days too. From early morning to eight or nine o’clock is not unusual. Yet the next morning, you look out over the fields and know this is where you were meant to be!


Gene Smokes a Rib Roast

I managed to sneak in smoking a rib roast yesterday.

The roast, fresh from one of the cows we just got back from the butcher.

Seasoned with just salt and pepper

Into my smaller smoker @ 225 degrees with some hickory wood.

after 2 hours in the smoker

after 4 hours

Done at a meat temp of 135 degrees and 6 hours

Mmmmm, mmmmm! Tasted even better than it looks!!!

I really need to take more time for cooking!!


Ed Jr. Topping the Tobacco

Just a few more pics

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, something was bound to happen.
Things have been running pretty smooth the last couple of days...until today.
Ed Jr. and I went to deliver a load of hay when our luck ran out! We were towing a hay wagon behind the truck about 15 miles from home when BANG! I get out, walk up to the wagon, and yell out to Ed..."Where's the wheel?!!"
I found it. About 30 feet the road.

How does this happen???

So much for a quick hay delivery!!


Busy, Busy, Busy!

We're still trying to get the rest of the hay in, along with taking care of the garden, picking veggies and working in the tobacco.
The tobacco is starting to get big.

We have started the process of "topping".


Topping is breaking off the top of the plant so that the leaves will broaden out and thicken up...hence the name of this type of tobacco, Broadleaf.

The tobacco harvest will start on Aug 10 and will continue til.... well, it's all hanging in the sheds ;)


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunflowers for Wishes

Last year Chris and Jean with their daughter, Cheryl and granddaughter Jessica visited Buttonwood Farm in Griswold, CT. Each year Buttonwood Farm does an event called “Sunflowers for Wishes”. This farm plants 400,000 sunflowers that become bouquets for sale to support the “Make A Wish Foundation”. The bouquets are $5.00 and all monies go to make wishes come true for CT children with life-threatening medical conditions. The event dates are July 18th through July 26th from 10 a.m. until dusk. Hayrides for $5 are also available. Don’t miss having some sunflower ice cream and waffle cones. Buttonwood Farm is located at 473 Shetucket Turnpike, (Rtes 201 & 165) in Griswold, CT. The fields of sunflowers are breathtaking. Bring a camera. Don’t miss this event!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Rolling Along

Along with getting the hay in, everything else still needs attention.

Ed, Ed, and Jean are out hilling the tobacco.

This will keep the plants from blowing over when they get taller.

They are getting bigger but still have a ways to go.

While the other guys are out in the tobacco, Gene is again working on the tractors and equipment (the tractor behind him may need a little more work).

In the evening, the veggies are picked.

"Okay, enough with the summer squash....where are the hops and barley again?"


Monday, July 13, 2009

Trying to Catch-up on the Hay

Nice weather means we're pushing to get all the hay in.

Ed Jr. is still out cutting with the Farmall Super MTA and the International Harvester 990 Haybine.

The hay that was baled this last weekend will now be delivered by Gene and Ed Jr. to one of our customers. The process is long, dry and very hard work even with the equipment. The bales weigh a good amount and as you can see from the pictures Jean and Ed Sr. have to bend down to take them to load on the hay wagon. We will continue to cut and bale hay as long as the weather holds up.

Vacation time is here for some of you so please let us know if someone else will be picking up your veggies or should we just hold up your weekly veggies. You can email Chris at or call her at 985-2812. Chris sets up your bins the night before so that they are ready for Ed to fill in the morning.

How to calculate your dog’s age….
multiplying your dog’s age by seven is not accurate.

The new way to determine the age is that a 6-month-old dog is 10 human years old
A 1-year-old dog is 15 human years old
A 2-year-old dog is 24 human years old
A 3-year-old dog is 28 human years old

Who knew?


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some Hay Baling pics

Gene on his Farmall 300, pulling the baler and wagon.

Jean and Ed Sr. on the wagon with Ed Jr. in the background raking.

There's Ed Jr.

Nothin like a red Farmall out in the field!




Gene ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's About Time!

Finally, some hay cutting weather!

Ed Jr. breaks out the haybine


Just happy it's not gonna rain for a while

Diesel's out snacking on some field mice

Even the honey bees are happier now


Enjoy the sunshine!! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Daily News 7-9-09

Chris has received calls that the Veggie Shack is locked. The rain and wet conditions have made the door to the Veggie Shack swell so you will need to pull hard on the door to open it. Ed Jr. did a great job of making it as air-tight as possible to keep the vegetables cool.

Please remember to bring your second bin with you if you haven’t already dropped it off. We have a few extra “fill-in” bins if you forget but we may have to use a shopping bag. The vegetables are coming along; some fruit on the plant is small but if we can get some sunshine we will see the quick growth.

Since Peaches and berries are in season I thought I would share a dessert recipe for four:

Peach, Berry and Honey Dessert

4 Peaches, skinned and pitted
1 pint Berries (raspberries, blueberries or other; your choice)
1 pint Strawberries
1/3 C Honey
½ t Cardamom or Cinnamon

Cut each peach into half and place in bowl
Wash berries, hull strawberries; set aside to dry
Mix berries and spoon into bowl over peaches
Mix honey with cinnamon and/or cardamom; drizzle
over the berries and peaches. Serves 4 generously.

You will note that many recipes we share will include honey. We have to promote our bees!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Storm Damage Update

After getting to the farm after work this afternoon, I was informed that the sweet corn was hit late last night in the final (3rd) storm of the day.





We are still lucky in that we haven't been hit as bad as some of our neighbors.
When is summer going to get here????