Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daily News 7-1-09

We are into our first week of scheduled pickups, a little late this year due to the wet and cold weather. Last night the Ellington area had extensive hail damage. Some of the farms around us have very little of their crops left due to torn leaves and crushed stems. We lost power last evening for a short while and the lightening was intense.

As a shareholder you are invited to send recipes, comments and suggestions and share stories with all the other shareholders. In the Veggie Shack we have rulers for the kids, Danger Do Not Touch stickers that can be placed to let the kids know to stay away from an area and some brochures for family entertainment.

Pictures of the family members and our pups will be on the blog soon. It will give you a face to put with the work that is done. We occasionally see fox, deer, ducks and geese somewhere on the farm and our great furry hunter, Diesel along with his sidekick Buddy usually give them a run for their money. Our bees are buzzin and wishing for more sunshine so they can get out more to find the pollen and nectar.
We invite you to call us if you wish to see more of the farm and learn what happens day to day. Since the farm includes Herefords, hay, tobacco and vegetable gardens there is a variety of things going on at all times. This also includes the maintenance and repairs of all our beloved Farmall equipment. You can call Eddie at 860-874-7678 or Chris 860-985-2812 to set up a time that will be convenient for you and also us during the growing season.



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