Monday, September 28, 2009

Cutting Corn Silage

We finished cutting the corn silage for the cows to eat over the winter.

Ed Jr. running the chopper with Jean along side with the trailer

Gene pushing up the pile and packing it down with the dozer.

Ed Sr. backing up to the pile to dump off a load of corn.

Gene back on the dozer.

And of course, the hardest worker on the farm, Diesel.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feather Pots

I just read an article in the Connecticut Weekly Agricultural Report that says there is now a way to take chicken feathers and make flower pots from them. The chicken feathers which are an unwanted byproduct of poultry processing may have a more valuable use as an ingredient in biodegradable flower pots. This is according to an Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist. The pot looks and feels like a normal plastic pot that you could buy at your local nursery. These pots are made to disintegrate naturally without harming the environment. These pots are manufactured without any petroleum components would release beneficial nitrogen into the soil. For the full article the September 16th issue. Well, Jane I guess we know what we should save all our chicken feathers for! It may take a while but we have time. (Only 24 chickens could take a LONG while so don’t wait for us to have pots for you for next planting season.)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Winding Down

This year has been quite a year for the Garden of Eat’n. We are winding down now on our weekly pickups. This week and next may be the last of the main vegetables. Potatoes and Turnips will be available closer to Thanksgiving. We of course, will let you know about that as the time draws nearer. We hope you have enjoyed what vegetables we were able to provide for you this year.
Our honey production for this year was not as plentiful as we hoped but what we did take this year was good quality. We are most grateful to our mentor John Howe of Willington who gave much of his time and talent to help Chris and Ed Jr. learn how to take care of the hives and bees. Thank you so much!
A very grateful thank you also goes out to Joe Jauss for his help in setting up this year’s shares at Emanuel Lutheran Church. Thank you so much!
If you wish to take home your bins home to store them until next year please feel free to do so. If you wish us to hold them over for next year we will be happy to do so for you.
When potatoes and turnips are ready you can bring a bin or bag as we will let you decide how many you would like to have for your family. We will give you notice by email, blog and/or by phone so you will know for certain that they are ready for pick up.
Again all of us at Rothe Homestead Farm would like to say thank you to all who shared our ups and downs with the weather and veggies this year! We hope to see you again next year!

Edward Jr. , Edward Sr. and Jane, Gene and Diesel, Jean and Chris

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I know, I'm a slacker!

I haven't been keeping up with updating here. Even though the tobacco harvest is done, we're still busy here.

The newest addition to our Farmall family.....I think this one makes the count now 62.

A new fan assembly and a fix an oil leak.

One of the Cubs I'm workin on.

This one needs a new rear main seal on the engine.

Flywheel removal

A buddy of ours dropped of his H for me to fix. Engine was froze up. Got it freed, but it smokes like a chimney.

Bad valve guides.

Pulled the head...gonna put new rings on the pistons and new rod bearings in it while I got it apart.

Meanwhile, Ed Jr.'s been busy reroofing one of the tobacco sheds.

Ed Sr. helpin him out...ya ain't gettin me up there. I'll stay in the shop...thats where the beer is anyways!!!

One more day and he'll have it pretty much finished. Hope the Rain holds off!!