Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22....Doesn't Seem Like It

Many tips that have been passed on to you for your home gardens have come from one of two sources. The Farmers Almanac, which is still a wonderful source of history, weather, folklore and gardening tips. ( The other comes from Jerry Baker, master gardener and his blog is full of excellent hints and tips for the backyard gardener as well as green lawn enthusiasts. ( You may remember watching him on PBS with garden, lawn and inside plants tips and pest removal information. I particularly liked his series on companion gardening and which vegetables do best next to each other.

The weather is still a challenge but we keep hoping that there will be at least one full week of sun just so we feel like we have a true summer. The cows, the dog “Diesel” and the rest of us are just pushing through what needs to be done. We need some SUN! We all seem like we need to hibernate! Sun before the first snowfall would really be appreciated and enjoyed!



MBS said...

As for companion gardening, I'm not sure what was growing near the red cabbage, but it sure worked! When I got my veggies this week I couldn't wait to peel back those first few greenish-purple leaves. Beautiful!

Rothe Homestead Farm said...

Thanks MBS!
As far as to what was planted next to the red cabbage, LOL.
Glad you're enjoying the veggies!!!