Monday, July 6, 2009

Daily News 7-6-09

Another day with some sunshine! Dare we hope for more days like this. We now start our second week of veggies and will soon begin to use the bins. We so appreciate the "heads up" for those of you that will be on vacation and have others pick up your share. When you are not able to pick up please let us know as the vegetables we set out for you could go to someone else. Some are already taking advantage of the buddy system so they only have to pick up every other week. Someone in your area would make a great "buddy" to share the pickups. There is a dry wipe board by the scale in the Veggie Shack so you can leave us a note anytime. One of us is in the Veggie Shack daily. Please remember that we would love your recipes, hints and other feed back on the CSA or farm.

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