Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Month of "Summer"?

The Farmer’s Almanac (almanac.com) says “You may notice in the middle of the month of August a subtle change – cooler nights, a shift in quality of light, the scritch of crickets instead of the trill of songbirds”. I got news for the FA because Connecticut has had these things for the past 2 – 3 months now! When is the last 80 degree night? And quality of light????? It has been so cloudy many days you didn’t know if it was night or day. I don’t worry about hearing the crickets because I think they have all drowned. Not only is the farm wet in many areas; our yard at home squiches when you walk over to check the bird feeder or bird bath. I am beginning to know what Noah must have thought about during his time on the ark……….will this wet weather ever go away (just for a week or two so I could stop feeling like a mushroom). Ohhhhhh! I just read an article in the Pollution Prevention View newsletter that is for Summer 2009 (Comes out from the CT DEP Office of Pollution Prevention) that gives ways to save water usage and compares top loading washer to front loading washers…….well, the last item was Dishwashing by hand (20 gallons used) and Automatic dishwashing (full load) 10 gallons…..I am so glad that all these years I have been a staunch supporter of saving water! You can read the articles online at www.ct.gov/dep/p2



Becky said...

The weather has definitely been crazy here in Kentucky, too. In July we usually have many days over 90 degrees. This July broke old records though...it was the first July in (I can't remember how many years) that we didn't hit 90 degrees at all. And we've had more rain this year, as well.

Makes you wonder what kind of winter we're going to have....

Rothe Homestead Farm said...

We haven't had a 90 degree day since April here. :0 If it didn't get up to 90 today it should on Monday....our first day of tobacco harvest! Should be fun. ;)