Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Weather

Well we wanted a break from the rain and we certainly got it! The vegetables certainly responded to it with a BANG! The cucumbers look good, the yellow squash perked back up and the zucchini, well we all know that we will always have more zucchini than the whole world can eat. The lemon squash looks good this year too! I hope you all have been enjoying the sweet corn! The tomatoes are another story. This has not been a great year for tomatoes! We are slowly seeing some for harvest.

The heat was hard to take during the hottest part of the day and times were needed in the shade! Our fearless furry hunter went on a hunt and found that the black and white “kitty” had a terrible smell and now Diesel still has a trace of it! He was banished to the shed for a night or two so that we could all breathe in the house!

Ed will take advantage of the cooler days to keep an eye on the veggies and make sure that the broadleaf has a chance to finish getting to the harvest stage. We now just hope that
heavy rains, hail and high winds don’t finish the tobacco before we do!


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