Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ed Jr Update 8/14

I really don't feel like posting right now, but feel an update is in order after all the emails that we have gotten.
Ed was released from the hospital Friday night and is home right now. I'll be honest here.....he looks like crap, but he's in good spirits, and still want to be "kept in the loop" of what's going on around here.
He will be going in for some reconstructive surgery Monday morning to fix a broken bone just below his eye. So.......long story short.......I'll post another update after he's home from his surgery and I know more.

BTW.....he 'reminded' his father and Gene that the cucumbers in the garden by the road needed to be picked tonight!

We (Ed and his entire family) thank you for the support and well wishes received over his unfortunate accident.

God bless

Thank You!!!

The Rothe Family

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