Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Alive!!!!

We bought this poor girl last September.

She was a basket case (literally) with a blown engine. The block was broken where a connecting rod that snapped off went through. The intake and heads were already off, and the heads were cracked like nothing I've seen before. Supposedly, the previous owner ran her out of coolant and started to disassemble the engine in hopes of repairing her but had given up.
Ed Jr. put an engine together, we dropped it in, and spent hours trying to figure out where everything hooked up (since we weren't the ones who took it apart). Ed got the exhaust back together and it was time to fire her up ........ not so good.
It ran, but barely.
Ed and I spent the last two weeks pulling codes from the inboard computer, testing sensors (I was even swapping some of them with ones on my Blazer to see if they were bad), changing bad ones, re-timing the distributor, readjusting the valves, changing more electrial components, and FINALLY got her to run!! Ya can't imagine how happy I am that I don't have to stare at her in the shop, wondering what we were gonna try next when I get home from work tonight!!!

Tonight, it's get the hood back on so we don't have to see this anymore......

Just might have to weld the hood closed!!! LOLOL



cowgirl said...

lol Way to go!! Glad to hear you won't have to turn her into a smoker...
Nice job. :)

Rothe Homestead Farm said...

LOLOL!!! It was well on it's way to ending up like the VW Beetle!