Monday, January 18, 2010

I need some sleep!

Okay, I love animals just like the rest of you but this is getting serious! We have not had a full night of sleep for over 10 days now! Three in the morning and again at six the coyotes that are “vacationing” at our farm are driving us crazy! Even Diesel has had it with them! Each night I hope that they have moved on to wherever they go after vacationing at our farm but NO! Each night the barking and howling calls back and forth to one another are driving me insane. If I get up and peer out the back of our house to see if I can spot them I see nothing but the moon shining on the snow cover. No sign of them! Diesel can hear/smell them and wants at them badly. One he could handle but not four or five so we hold him off. I wonder if they can smell our piglets? Hmmm I hadn’t thought of that before. Someone asked me today “Oh, you have pigs?” Yes, I said! Pork Chops and Bacon! “Is that what you named them?” they ask. “No!” I say that is what they will become!


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