Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tobacco Stalks

I haven't gotten to take any pics of taking the tobacco down from the shed, or of stripping the leaves off yet this year....I will get some the next time we take some down. I did however get some pics of pulling the stalks off the lath.

Here the leaves are in 30 lbs bundles, the stalks and lath are piled behind the bundles.

Ed Sr. feeds the lath with stalks through the Lath Puller.

Two rolls pull the lath through the headboard leavin the stalks on a shelf.

The lath are tied into buldes of about 50 and piled in the corner of the shed for next years use.
The stalks are piled into a wagon and will be spread out on pasture and corn fields.

The white circles in the pics are the camera capturing the flash reflecting off all the dust in the air.

One shed done....two more to go!



cowgirl said...

Wow! I've find it so interesting! Thank you for posting these pics Gene, I've learned so much from you blog.
It's amazing to me! :)

Rothe Homestead Farm said...

Thanks Cowgirl!
We're always looking for help come harvest time.....LOL!!!


Becky said...

I can almost smell the tobacco :-)